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PlayStation development | Published 2020-09-20 08:25:43 UTC

Kahút in the wild

Are you already bored of Kahoot and want to try something new? Then we'd like to introduce to you Kahút for the Sony PlayStation®, which I've successfully tested on my classmates from during one of our French classes.

How does the game work?

The observant of you might have realised: "But how can up to 10 players play simultaneously if the PlayStation only has 2 controller ports?" Well, you're right - they cannot play simultaneously*. That's why we had to alter the flow of the game a bit: in contrast to Kahoot, Kahút is a team-based game (there are 2 competing teams each consisting of 5 players, so 10 players total).

The game consists of 2 main rounds. The first round is split up to 5 mini-rounds: each player of each team is matched with a player from the other team, and they go against each other. This pair answers 3 questions precisely, before moving onto the next pair. The faster a player from the pair answers the question, the more points their team will gain.

After all of the players had their chance to prove themselves in the team, the game will convert the team's gained points into time for the second round. In this round, each teams have to pick (what they think is) the best player from their team, and the selected 2 players from both teams will go against each other in a "final battle" (of course, to amplify the fun, the rest of the teams can give hints to their selected player).

The second round is all about speed. When the round starts, both teams' countdown will start counting down. If a player answers correctly during this round, they will gain 2 additional seconds of time. However, if they do not answer correctly, they will lose 4 seconds of time. Whoever manages to drain their countdown timer to 0 makes their entire team lose, while the other one wins the entire game. It is also possible to end the game if in the second round, all players go through all 30 available questions, then the final remaining time on the countdown timer is judged.

Feel free to try it out yourself!

Is it dumb? Possibly. Was it fun, however? Absolutely. If you yourself own a PlayStation with 2 controllers and 9 other friends, which can also speak French and you want to play this amazing Kahút on the topic of francophony, you may download a release of the game here for free. And if you want to dig around in the source code and potentially create your own questions, please feel free to grab the source code and go wild with it.

* Yes, I am aware of the fact that you can use so-called multitaps for connecting up to 8 controllers at once to the console. I, however, do not own any multitap or even 8 controllers.

This article was extended upon the translation of my original article in Czech which is available on our school's website.

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