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Moving domains – goodbye prochazka.ml

General | Published 2023-01-22 19:06:14 UTC

Hi! If you're reading this, it means that you must have found my new domain, and I must apologize for any incoveniences (in case you've tried to send me mail or visit my website in the past few weeks), as I have failed to do my homework properly. Let me explain. See, when I originall...

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The Journey To MODPlay

Software development | Published 2022-09-11 19:23:14 UTC

MODPlay is an easy-to-use MOD file player library written in C which is near-100% compatible with the original ProTracker (except for a few weird effects which behave quirky in most trackers anyway). While only being a player (compared to a fully featured editor), it was still a jour...

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Welcome to my blog!

General | Published 2022-03-19 17:18:43 UTC

Hello, it's great to have you here. Welcome to my brand new blog! After 3 days of hard work, it's finally alive. Phew. I plan to put all kinds of stuff here, but I have created this blog mainly to just be the place where I will put all of my project logs going forward, since documentation of p...

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Thread: DIYing a plug that fits the PlayStation's parallel port to boot from a ROM

PlayStation development | Published 2022-02-16 20:34:17 UTC

In this thread, I describe my journey of making a simple plug at home (using off-the-shelf parts) that fits the original Sony PlayStation's parallel expansion port. As of this time, I have failed quite badly.

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Tutorial: Setting up the Psy-Q SDK under modern Linux

PlayStation development | Published 2021-01-21 14:32:23 UTC

I haven't been able to find any good tutorial on how to get the Psy-Q SDK running under Linux, so after a bit of trial and error I got it working well enough that this Hello world example now compiles, gets packaged into a disc image and runs all under modern Linux. Step 1: Make sure y...

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There is no such Kahoot as Kahút

PlayStation development | Published 2020-09-20 08:25:43 UTC

Are you already bored of Kahoot and want to try something new? Then we'd like to introduce to you Kahút for the Sony PlayStation®, which I've successfully tested on my classmates from during one of our French classes. How does the game work? The observant of you might have...

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